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What happened?

The Free Labour Confederation (FLC), which is one of the founders of the HHR, leave their offices within 3 days. The lease it had was terminated. The Youth Human Rights Movement’s lease is also going to be terminated on 20 Aug 2013.

Historically, Voronezh House of Human Rights has always had the same building at 34 Tsyryupy street. For 20 years it’s been home to the oldest civil and human rights organizations of the region. It is this very building that is known – within the country and abroad – as one of Russia’s largest centres of civil activity, non-formal education, and youth initiatives.

The FLC is one of the founders of the House of Human Rights. It was as early as 1995 that the FLC and the Interregional Human Rights Group created the Public Legal Consultancy for Human Rights, which is now continuing its work and helps over 1000 people every year. The Consultancy has won a record number of cases in the European Court of Human Rights (in Voronezh region).
You can learn more about the House of Human Rights here:
On 17 May 2013 the FLC received a letter from the Municipal Property Agency notifying them of the fact that the lease had been terminated and demanding that they leave their offices within 3 days.
If this happens, the Public Consultancy, which has so successfully worked for many years, will have to be closed. Losing the building will also put at risk the work of a number of youth organizations that inhabit the office space leased to the FLC and are registered there. Most of these work on a volunteer basis and don’t have any secure sources of income.