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What is Human Rights House?

Human Rights House – Voronezh – is a community of civil and Human Rights organizations, one of the biggest centres in Russia for promoting and defending Human Rights, assisting youth and civic initiatives.

First NGO inhabited the House in 1995. Besides the official tenants (Interregional Association of Trade Unions “Free Labour Confederation”, Youth Human Rights Movement, “Consumer Protection” organization) there situated are several different organizations, trade unions, mass media groups. There is also space (as limited as it is) for work of different youth and civic initiative groups (anti-fascist, awareness-raising, charity and community work, environmental).

Furthermore, in the HRH there is an office of the Public Reception under the jurisdiction of the federal Ombudsman. HRH is also home to the International Secretariat of the International Network - Youth Human Rights Movement (YHRM).


“Human Rights House - Voronezh” – is

  • Сommunity, which includes such well-known organizations as Interregional Human Rights Group, Free Labour Confederation (FLC), “Memorial”-Voronezh, Interregional Free Student Union and many others – more than a dozen of Human Rights and civil organizations in all;
  • Office of the International Secretariat of YHRM (the International Network-Youth Human Rights Movement), which is a wide community of young human rights and civil activists, united for joint actions for defending and promoting Human Rights, values of humanism and Human Dignity;
  • Room for Public Reception (under jurisdiction of the Federal Ombudsman);
  • Place for getting together of various initiative groups – youth and non-youth, antifascist and environmental groups, charity and community initiatives, etc. - working on different levels from Voronezh and Voronezh region to the whole of Central and Eastern Europe and beyond;
  • Premises for seminars, public lections, meetings with interesting and significant people

and much-much more…

Human Rights House – is a unique community – a place for defending and promoting Human Rights, a lieu of support and development of civic initiatives, known in Voronezh, in Russia and far beyond…

You can meet the inhabitants of the Human Rights House at
or drop in at Voronezh, Tsyurupa Str. 34