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Send letter

You may send the letter to the Voronezh local authorities in support of the Human Rights House and associated organizations (labour unions, student organizations, youth movements, journalist and independent mass media groups, etc);

  • to express concern about the situation;
  • to urge the authorities to support the Human Rights House;
  • to exclude the building from the list of object to be privatized;
  • to expand the existing premises.

Letters examples – with different emphasis

  • on behalf of youth or civic organizations – in support of International Secretariat of YHRM Network;


  • on behalf of the trade unions – in support of “Free Labour Confederation”;


  • on behalf of students’ organizations/initiative groups – in support of Interregional Free Students’ Union;


  • on behalf of the journalists – in support of Journalists Union


Please, wherever possible, send registered letters, if on behalf of the organization – on organization blank, sealed and signed by the director. If you send the letter on your behalf, state your Family Name, First Name, address and country.

We are working on translations of the web-site materials into other languages – help would be much appreciated!

Please, inform us about all the letters sent by sending the copy of your letter by fax (+7 (4732) 54-55-29) or by mail!